Running GLSL shader effects on HTML5 Canvas

A long time ago I saw some fantastic shader experiments on ShaderToy (an online editor for GLSL fragment shaders). The graphics were stunning and I decided to make my own too, but using HTML5 canvas instead.

  1. Attempt #1
  2. Attempt #2
  3. Attempt #3
  4. Attempt #4
  5. Attempt #5

The attempts give good result except the update rate dramatically reduces when using a large canvas size. After all, shaders are meant to be run inside a GPU and not a CPU.

Building My Own Network

In the early 2017 I acquired an AS number from APNIC. This is very exciting for me since I am really going to build a network out of it. The number is mostly used for my research purpose but I also host some things on my network.

This site currently sits in my network AS134098 and uses CDN services provided by Cloudflare.