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Hi! I’m Licson. I’m a student from Hong Kong. I’m enthusiastic in web development. I have 4 years of coding experience and I’ll have a look on the posts about coding in Stack Overflow and other places everyday to broaden my horizon, increase experience and learn better coding patterns.

I love the latest technologies so most of my websites are create using HTML5, CSS3 and the new JavaScript APIs. I’ve also created a new service using the latest HTML5 technologies: http://teamdraw.hp.af.cm. It’s a collaborative drawing application.

If you want to contact me, please send me an email or leave comments on this page.



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  1. i have a download video buttoon on my website for youtube video then if i clicked on that button,video need to download on the same page…so what can i do for that in php code?

      1. can u give me a complete code in php to download youtube video in php when i clicked download button?..because i dont undersand how to work with your link script..so please send me that working script on my mail id [email protected]..

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