SteamPost – A free blogroll service by Licson

If you owns a blog / website, you’ll certainly want more visitors come to your site and make your site more popular on the internet. Now, I’m releasing SteamPosts that can help you achieve this goal. I hope this service can help all your users.

As a webmaster, SteamPosts is beneficial to you because it can:

  1. Increase your site traffic
  2. Help visitors find interesting & new articles
  3. Easily promote your articles / website with SteamPosts’ network
  4. SteamPosts is easy to setup! No matter what type of CMS you’re using, it all gets set up by providing us a RSS link

As a visitor, SteamPosts is beneficial to you because it can:

  1. Look for related articles easily
  2. Help you read new articles
  3. Visit random blogs / websites

You can do all this by register the service using E-mail and embed the SteamPosts widget on your website!

Here’s how the widget looks:

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To register the service, please make sure you followed these rules:

  1. Your website / blog must set up for more than a week
  2. Website articles shall not contain political, pornographic, violent, racist, endanger public safety, etc.
  3. Website article shall not violate the law of the United States
  4. You shall place the widget on your site before registration
  5. You shall place the widget at the index page or anywhere that is linked to the index page
  6. If your website contents haven’t been updated for two months, we’ll remove your site from the blogroll without any notifications
  7. Your articles should have 90% or above of authenticity.
  8. We can change the rules of using SteamPosts at any time, without prior notices

Please follow this format when sending E-mail registration letters:

Site name: [Your site name]
Page URL: [Your site's URL]
RSS Link: [Your site's RSS link]
Brief description of your page: [A brief description about your website]

Finally, please send the Email registration letter to Licson ( or or Allen (

(The messages below is for Chinese readers.)


Cross-script communication in PHP!

Sometimes we need a way to share data between scripts. However, doing so needs some setups like using MySQL as a temp. data storage, or setting up a file for storing data or use something like Memcached, APC or Redis to help. But it’s complicated when these solutions are used.

In order to solve these problems, I created a PHP class that can integrate these methods and reduce development pain. (Also, it’s originally a part of libSSE, a library for Server-sent Events.)

The code above has no dependences to libSSE itself so I decided to released it as a separate module.

I hope this can help you.