Auto updates is out with WordPress 3.7!

You know, almost 20% of all websites are created with WordPress. Many of them have security risks as their version of WordPress is not updated and old versions usually will have lots of vulnerabilities and make them easy to be hacked in. Cases of WordPress sites getting hacked is getting more serious today.

Finally, in the WordPress 3.7 update, it introduces a new feature that is quite attractive to me and solve the problem of using old versions of the WordPress core. Now, the WordPress system will check for core updates, plugins updates and themes updates & automatically install them when they have new versions.

For me, this feature has a great potential that I don’t need to check and install updates as often as what I’ve done in this blog. Also for blogs & sites that don’t need to update so often, this feature reduces the work to keep up the site.

However, as I tried, I can’t see any controls to fine tune the behaviour of this great auto update feature as some people may not want auto updates or they want to control how it should behave.

Overall, I’ve waited this feature to be available in WordPress for a long time and it has come true!

SteamPost – A free blogroll service by Licson

If you owns a blog / website, you’ll certainly want more visitors come to your site and make your site more popular on the internet. Now, I’m releasing SteamPosts that can help you achieve this goal. I hope this service can help all your users.

As a webmaster, SteamPosts is beneficial to you because it can:

  1. Increase your site traffic
  2. Help visitors find interesting & new articles
  3. Easily promote your articles / website with SteamPosts’ network
  4. SteamPosts is easy to setup! No matter what type of CMS you’re using, it all gets set up by providing us a RSS link

As a visitor, SteamPosts is beneficial to you because it can:

  1. Look for related articles easily
  2. Help you read new articles
  3. Visit random blogs / websites

You can do all this by register the service using E-mail and embed the SteamPosts widget on your website!

Here’s how the widget looks:

Loading SteamPosts…

To register the service, please make sure you followed these rules:

  1. Your website / blog must set up for more than a week
  2. Website articles shall not contain political, pornographic, violent, racist, endanger public safety, etc.
  3. Website article shall not violate the law of the United States
  4. You shall place the widget on your site before registration
  5. You shall place the widget at the index page or anywhere that is linked to the index page
  6. If your website contents haven’t been updated for two months, we’ll remove your site from the blogroll without any notifications
  7. Your articles should have 90% or above of authenticity.
  8. We can change the rules of using SteamPosts at any time, without prior notices

Please follow this format when sending E-mail registration letters:

Site name: [Your site name]
Page URL: [Your site's URL]
RSS Link: [Your site's RSS link]
Brief description of your page: [A brief description about your website]

Finally, please send the Email registration letter to Licson ( or or Allen (

(The messages below is for Chinese readers.)


I have my personal website!

Here’s a good news: I have a personal website! After a few days of designing, it finally came true. This is great!

Here’s my personal website:

(Of course I won’t discontinue writing blog posts. That’s just my nice-looking webpage that represents me.)

Hope you like it.

Multiplayer Piano – a nice website for playing music together

This website is for people to play songs together. I first discovered this in Chrome Experiments and it looked attractive. I found it good so I’m going to share it.

The user interface of this website is pretty straightforward. It has a piano with all 88 keys and a simple chat interface. You can click on the keys to play, or you can use your keyboard. It also has a cool feature that allows you to plug in your own MIDI keyboard and play the notes directly and that suits me very much as I have a MIDI keyboard.

When using the MIDI keyboard you may get problems with those delayed notes. To solve the problem you just need to minimize the window and it’ll get better soon.

The chat interface are fairly simple: you just need to type in the words and press enter to send. The only thing that hurts is the colour of the text makes checking typing errors difficult.

Overall, it’s a really good website, so definitely worth to be used, before or while looking for best piano keyboard to practice at home.