Is my site responsive?

I’ve hosted my blog for a while and I noticed that I got traffic from all around the world. I also noticed that my site’s responsiveness can be improved. This time, I want to ask you about my site’s responsiveness.

Recently, I received a peak traffic of around 500 people visiting my site in a day. I think I may be getting popular 😉

In order to improve my site, I really need your idea. Please finish the little form below and I’ll be glad to receive your opinions.

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Auto updates is out with WordPress 3.7!

You know, almost 20% of all websites are created with WordPress. Many of them have security risks as their version of WordPress is not updated and old versions usually will have lots of vulnerabilities and make them easy to be hacked in. Cases of WordPress sites getting hacked is getting more serious today.

Finally, in the WordPress 3.7 update, it introduces a new feature that is quite attractive to me and solve the problem of using old versions of the WordPress core. Now, the WordPress system will check for core updates, plugins updates and themes updates & automatically install them when they have new versions.

For me, this feature has a great potential that I don’t need to check and install updates as often as what I’ve done in this blog. Also for blogs & sites that don’t need to update so often, this feature reduces the work to keep up the site.

However, as I tried, I can’t see any controls to fine tune the behaviour of this great auto update feature as some people may not want auto updates or they want to control how it should behave.

Overall, I’ve waited this feature to be available in WordPress for a long time and it has come true!