Finally got my root domain – now with CloudFlare on!

Do all you guys found that the domain for this site has been changed? Yeah, I finally got my own root domain: Actually, I wanted my root domain for a long time but I hadn’t got enough money to buy one myself. Finally, with help of Allen Chou, my furious dreams can now come true. (There’s some payoffs after I purchased the root domain. E.g. lost my SSL certificate. I’ll talk about that in the following post.)

Now with my own domain, I can finally do something big! After this domain has been successfully activated, I can now try using a CDN service (What I’m using is CloudFlare, it’s really great!) to speed up my site. Originally with the sub-domains provided by my cloud hosting, OpenShift, I cannot leverage the power of CloudFlare’s global CDN network to speed up my site as I cannot change the DNS records of the sub-domains. Now, I can finally give CloudFlare a try and the performance speed ups are great! The response speed of my site before using CloudFlare is 266 ms and the response speed of my site now is 66 ms. What a great speed-up!

Receiving such a great speed up, I think my site will make a better impression to all the visitors. (Also, I’m sorry that I didn’t write posts as often as before as I’m also writing articles for other sites and I don’t have many time to write posts for my blog.) However, I got some problems when login to the backend. As I forced WordPress to use secure connections when login, the SSL certificate doesn’t match the new root domain I’m using. I’m forced to disable that in order to login normally. Now, it’s less secure when I login. I missed the secure connections that I used to have.

You may ask: why I don’t buy another SSL certificate so as to get the secure connections back? You need to know: SSL certificates are super expensive for a student like me. I’m so sure that I won’t be able to get my secure connections back unless I start to save some money for that.

OK that’s what I feel about my new root domain. Remember to follow-up my latest posts!

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