How to do vocal removal nicely with Adobe Audition

Today one of my friends asked me how to do vocal removal nicely. He told me that he had tried some other softwares like Audacity and the result wasn’t good. I think many people may have these kind of problems too so I should help others.

In this article, I’ll use an audio editing software called Adobe Audition. (Beware: It’s not a freeware and you can get a trial version from Adobe easily.)

P.S. I’m using Adobe Audition CS6 but the method I mentioned here also works in the previous versions.

First, open Audition and load the audio file in.

Audition startup

Audition user interface

Then, click [Favorites -> Remove Vocals].

Favorites -> Remove Vocals

Removing Vocals

After the processing, it is basically finished. However, if you want to remove the vocals even further, you can follow the steps below:

Click [Effects -> Special -> Vocal Enhancer].

Click [Effects -> Special -> Vocal Enhancer]

Then click [Music -> Apply]. The music will get enhanced and the vocal will be further suppressed.

Vocal Enhancer

Finally, save the file and you’re finished!

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  1. I must thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this website. I’m hoping to check out the same high-grade content by you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own site now ;)|

  2. I was looking for a version because i’ m a singer in order to have music to imitate some professional singers for the shake of improvement. Now i suddenly find this version and i was glad in deed.

  3. That’s nice for remove vocals, i searching google, but i’m read and try tutorial in this site that’s cool man..

    i have a question:
    remove vocals (done)
    but i want to decrease instrument(music), how?

  4. I tried one song which I need desperately to remove vocals but didn’t succeed. I am a video editor and using audition many years. Anyone know what is the reason ?

    1. This method may not work with all kinds of vocals as described by @koolAnim8r. This is usually because the music are also in the same phrase with the vocals so the music gets removed with the vocals too.

      1. Indeed, its impossible to remove all the vocals from a solidified track, but many times you could

        A) do the tedious re-patching yourself
        B) buy the instrumental; I actually some producers as I’m a sound engineer
        C) build the instrumental or get someone who knows how to.

        I’m fortunate to actually be able to patch them as well as to cut, paste, stretch, and heal loops. I usually use FL Studio to hide my patch, but I don’t need that method. It’s hard to give specific detail in how to do it as you’re going against sample rate, quality, compression, vocal volume, ability to cross freq. which is the best way to remove ALL the lyrics out, but its risky as it will determine the level of difficulty in restoring your audio.

    1. This removal method uses Audition’s “Center Channel Extraction” algorithm which removes (or retains if you change the settings) ONLY those things in the recording that are exactly the same in the left and right channels. The reason it works on vocals is that most sound engineers will pan the lead vocal dead-center when mastering while setting other instruments and generally background vocals slightly to one side or the other in the stereo field. If the recording was mastered with the lead vocals panned to one side or the other, or if the vocals were heavily processed with stereo effects, Audition will not remove it. It will also occasionally remove any other instruments (often the bass) if they were NOT panned a little to one side or the other.

      Follow the tutorial…If the directions don’t work, try a different song…you’ll be amazed! 🙂

      1. KoolAnim8r
        with all mambo jumbo , witch edition or version is the best ADOBE AUDITION?

        secondly you have great point if lead singer vocal and other instruments are panned on left or right side the result will be better, with that before i start a song ,can i do pre analysis that this is ideal to work and spend time,by viewing where the lead singer voice is located.

        if i get this,you will be the hero !

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