Intro – my first WordPress theme

What’s all this matter?

This is my first try in creating a theme for WordPress. (My first time to try something new 🙂 )

Who’s using it?

If you are the followers of me, you should notice I’ve changed my theme. Yes, I’m using Intro myself. If you want to get featured, just mention it in the comments. I’ll add as soon as possible.

What features does this theme have?

It’s a two column theme which is:

  1. Responsive (Yes, making it responsive takes me 80% of the time.)
  2. AJAX Navigation
  3. Custom Scrollbars
  4. Banner image on every page
  5. Support for ads

How can I use it?

Just download the files as a zip file and upload it to your WordPress system. You can freely use it under the terms of GNU General Public License version 3 or newer. Modifications are welcome!

Spotted a bug or want to suggest new features, you are welcome to do so by submitting them on Github.

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