What is a router explained

Types of routers

Routers have different types. Besides home routers which is for home usage, there are some other kinds of routers used by your ISP.

Core Router – These kinds of routers stands right at the centre of a large network and acted as a “backbone” of the network. It is responsible for routing data between edge routers in the network. Core routers are optimized for high throughput and is capable to route a lot of data packets at the same time.

Cisco CRS-3 Core Router

A Cisco CRS-3 Core Router.

Edge Routers – These routers stands at the edge part of the network. It usually connects computers to the network and passes the data to the core routers. It may also connect one network with another network and is responsible to route data packets between the two or more connected networks.

Juniper M120 Edge Router

A Juniper M120 Edge Router.

Voice/Video/Fax processing routers – These kinds of routers are also known as a gateway for processing voice / video / fax signals and transmit them through the internet. Most international calls nowadays are done through the internet by these kind of routers.


A Cisco VG350 Voice Gateway.

Without routers, data cannot be sent efficiently and a lot of data transmission needs much longer time to reach the destination.

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