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In here I’ll share you some useful links about web technologies and programming.

Informative websites

  1. Can I use… Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
  2. HTML5 Please – Use the new and shiny responsibly
  3. HTML5 Rocks – A resource for open web HTML5 developers
  4. HTML5 Readiness – A Visualization of how ready different parts of HTML5/CSS3 are for day to day use.


  1. HTML & CSS – W3C
  2. Mozilla Developer Network
  3. JavaScript Tutorial – W3Schools

Other related blogs

  1. 太陽部落格
  2. 電腦故我在
  3. Orz快樂學電腦
  4. Noob’s Space
  5. Fun Designer
  6. 3Bro Blog
  7. iGene
  8. Sintapress
  9. OK部落格
  10. Like Writing Articles
  11. Gordon Blog
  12. Clark’s 電腦知識日記簿
  13. Birkhoffs Blog

I’ll add more links when I found some other resources useful. If you want to share a link with me, you just need to post a comments below with the link.

12 Replies to “Related Links”

  1. Hi Licson, my website going to move soon, those are me new site information.
    Site Name:Clark’s 電腦知識日記簿
    New Address:

  2. Hi,

    Could I share a link with you?

    I have link your site on my blog (near the foot).

    Here is the information of my blog:

    blog title: AppleZu Lab

    That’s a blog all about computer and network.

    Thank you.

  3. I would like to do the related link with you.
    following are my website information
    My name:Clark Chen
    Site name:Clark’s 電腦知識日記簿
    Site Address:
    introducing:My website include the information and some introduction of the Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, I just started my blog, so now i only focus on Meraki MDM system, because there is not really anyone wrote the blog about the Meraki MDM system.
    Related link location:at the right hand side of my website

    Also i am currently live in Cincinnati, OH, Are you live in US?

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